About us

UAB „LitCon“  has been an active market participant and a company, creating strong value added for 20 years already. Today, UAB LitCon is one of the largest construction ompanies in Lithuania. We are an innovative, flexible, resourceful and competitive company, prepared to promptly respond to external changes.  

Competence, responsibility, efficiency, initiative, honesty, loyalty, trust and sincerity – these are the values we have been following for many years. These values have allowed us attain the set objectives and become what we are. 

We design, build and reconstruct public and industrial buildings, residential and non-residential properties. We renovate objects of cultural heritage, and reconstruct wastewater treatment facilities and water improvement stations. We lay the communications and engineering networks. We are involved in projects connected with the closure of old landfills and dumping grounds, and the installationof composting and large-sized waste collection sites. Seeking to streamline all the processes within the company, we constantly analyse our activities. The professionalism of our employees is the key to the success of the company. We encourage them to develop and improve their career possibilities.

We want to share the success of our business with society and are, therefore, involved in various non-profit projects. In an effort to achieve optimum results we have implemented quality (ISO 9001:2008), occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001:2007), environmental (ISO 14001:200) management systems in the company. For us, each project is an invaluable experience, creating lasting value either when restoring old historical objects or building future modern constructions.