LITCON implemented an integrated quality, environmental protection, occupational safety and health management system complying with the requirements of international standards ISO 9000:2001, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999.
LITCON applies and continuously improves functioning process management based on the integrated environmental protection and quality management system implemented by the company. Its aim is to provide high quality services and products to the company's customers at the lowest cost, as well as continuously analyse the impact of the company's activities on the environment in order to consistently reduce the negative environmental impact.
The Management of the company established quality control and process management measures for the provided services and products in order to make process management efficient and that responsible and associated employees could participate in it, and appropriate quality and environmental protection objectives would be raised and implemented in order for the implementation of the environmental protection requirements to include the entire management system.
By assigning a Management representative for quality and environmental protection, and providing him with all the necessary authorizations to manage and coordinate the integrated environmental protection and quality management system implemented in the company, the Management of the company assumed the following additional obligations:
  • maintain appropriate infrastructure,
  • include the entire personnel in the quality and environmental protection management process,
  • ensure that all employees have access to information related to their work, and are provided with the conditions necessary to properly perform their delegated functions and entrusted tasks,
  • constructively participate in the monitoring, evaluation and improvement of relevant processes.
Heads of departments of the company and other responsible employees, whose responsibilities and authorizations are established in the operational procedures according to the set indicators related to quality and environmental protection improvement objectives, periodically monitor, measure and analyse process functioning and management efficiency, environmental impact of processes and the implementation of integrated management system objectives, and, if necessary, initiate process improvement.
The Management of the company and heads of departments ensure that proper conditions and assumptions are established and carried out for maintaining premises, equipment and tools in an operable condition. This includes the routine maintenance and repair of premises and equipment.
LITCON Management and heads of departments ensure appropriate and safe working conditions for employees and service provision processes. They fully comply with the general and special safety and environmental protection requirements established by the company and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
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